Monday, October 15, 2007

Message Routing

SMS MacWhen you send an SMS text message from either the SMS Mac widget or SMS Vista gadget, the message first goes through our server. Our server then submits the message to an SMS gateway. An SMS gateway has connections to the different networks in most countries. SMS Mac uses several different SMS gateways.

SMS Mac chooses the right gateway from the recipient's mobile phone number. The gateway depends on the country and sometimes even the mobile network.

We constantly monitor the sent messages. When a gateway has many failed SMS to a destination we change its routing to another SMS gateway. This allows us to quickly respond to problems and maintain a high quality of message delivery.

For almost all numbers our general routing works without problems. Once in a while a number is difficult to reach. Maybe it was ported to a different mobile network. We can then set up special routing for this number.


Roelof said...

Interesting... I always wondered why an SMS send with SMS Mac almost never fails. I used other services before yours and there were always some people who never got my messages. It turned out they were all on one particular network. That made me go back to using my phone again which I don't like at all. Too clumsy.

So keep up the monitoring! :)

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David A. Burack said...

I'm unhappy about the feedback message I get after sending an SMS, to the effect that my message has been sent to "selected contacts." It doesn't show me the name of the contact, which ought not to be difficult to program, and the use of the plural "contacts" is disconcerting in that it implies I may have sent the message to other than the intended recipient.